"Reaching the lost at any cost"


Sammy C Smith

Founder & Pastor

Thank you for visiting! We are elated that you have chosen to lean in to what God is doing in the upstate.  It is our good pleasure that you would find encouragement, freedom and the faith to handle all that God presents you with.



Thank you

Dr. Johnasen Pack

for our

"Labor Day Outpour"


9/1 - 9/30

The gift of hospitality more so than the ability to be hospitable is more desirable.  When one is pre-disposed  to the ministry of people in general, then the wantonness to help and serve becomes  prevalent and a mainstay in our lives.


Cheerful Giving

9/1 -9/30

Considering that it is more blessed to give than to receive; that it is more rewarding to know that you have contributed to the well being of another....give and it shall come back to you...pressed down shaken together.....

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